Park Team | UK

I am a Wakeboarder from the UK. Currently I have to go to college 5 days a week and also work at a trampoline park to fund my riding and traveling but the moment I finish my school day or shift I head straight to the lake to ride with my friends until it’s too dark to see anymore. I have been riding for 9 years and spend every hour and day I can at the lake. I enjoy traveling around the world riding and competing in different countries and competitions. I also like to ride with my brother as it pushes both of our riding and helps me to improve. I also like to push the sport which often involves trying stuff that others are too scared to try or attempting tricks that no one has landed or tried before. I have been the Junior Men UK National Champion for the last 2 years and have made the finals for every European and World Championships I have competed in. I hope to travel a lot more in the future to improve my riding and meet new people to ride with.

Liam Peacock

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