8.3 Wake Shaper Bags

Not All Wakes Are Created Equal. Make A Monster

maximize your wake

Whether you are looking for the convenience of Plug ‘N Play ballast or the versatility of Telescoping ballast and Boost Sacs. We have all you need to create your perfect wake in Eight.3. Let’s get started on maximizing your wake.

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Telescoping Ballast

External ballast made simple and easy. One timeless shape, three different sizes, and a plethora of different placement options. Designed around the fastest ballast filling and draining system, the Telescope.

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Plug & Play Ballast

Tap directly into your boat's ballast system and upgrade your wake. We have all the shapes and sizes needed to fit directly into your existing system.

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Boost Bags

Quick and easy weight for anywhere in your boat. Move to balance your weight quickly or to dial in your wake to the finest detail.

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Pumps and Adaptors

From the fastest pump in the industry that guarantees not to air lock, to all the fittings and adaptors needed to hook your ballast up. Come find what you need.

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