Congratulations on your new board!

This form is for the warranty registration of our cable boards only. All other warranty issues please see the retail location where you purchased your product. Certain cable boards are covered with a six month manufacturer warranty, at the express discretion of Ronix and its distributors. The board must be registered here within two weeks from the date of purchase to be eligible.

Boards covered under Limited Park Warranty (With Registration)

  • Kinetik Flex Box 1
  • Kinetik Spring Box 2
  • Atmos
  • Diplomat
  • Spring Break


  • Delamination due to manufacturing defect.
  • Stress cracking/fracture on the edge, base, core, or  top laminate due to manufacturing defect.
  • Nonfunctional inserts i.e. stripping or misaligned. This does not include improper use of hardware or boot mounting. 
  • NOTE: Warranties can only be handled in the country from which the board is purchased.

Not Covered

  • Damage due to misuse, abuse, or modification.
  • Normal wear, including but not limited to, cosmetic dings, chips, and dents.
  • Bright colors will fade when subject to prolonged sunlight exposure. THIS IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. To protect your wakeboard from ultraviolent rays of sunlight, store your Ronix wakeboard in a board bag when not in use.
  • Any impact related damage.

Ronix product warranties and obligations set forth above are in lieu of any other express warranties or obligations of Ronix, its distributors, or retailers. The warranties and limitations extend only to the original purchaser or the person for whom the product was originally purchased for.

We take pride in the products we build and in the riders that choose them. Please fill out the below form to register your new board to join the Ronix family.

The serial number can be found on the product itself.