3D Robotics Alloy - Mast Top Plate – One Size Fits All

This is the connection between the top of the mast and the foil board.
top plate
top plate
top plate angle
mast plate 2
mast plate

A solid lock between your board and the mast.


Foiling is a never-ending cause and effect – one of those being your connection points - if any of those contacts are slightly off your dream flight will quickly become a sporatic experience. This is why we spare no expense with these materials and manufacturing process.


A perfectly machined complex construction with the most simplistic easy to use design.

-Open Hole slots – Once all 4 of the track hardware screws are inserted into the tracks it is easy to slide them inside of the desired location of the mast plate with the open hole design.

-Universal fit – this mast plate is easy to mount on our masts and will work on every Ronix design.


3D Robotics

A high-grade corrosion resistant alloy is placed on a 3 axis CNC machine and milled for up to 2 hours for the perfect dimension. This workhorse 6061 heat treated aluminum has a higher strength then other alloy for increased wear and tear and a solid connection between the different components.

Benefits of CNC machining process….

- Fit – When anything short of the exact tolerance of the most finite dimension is unacceptable – creating the perfect fit between parts.

- Stronger – A billet aluminum is considered the strongest process to form a part.


Available in 1 size that fits all Ronix mast sizes.

Using the standardized mounting distance of 3.5” between foil tracks – using our exclusive proprietary shape connecting to all our masts.


Purchasing A Complete Foil Kit - Every complete Ronix set up comes with a mast top plate and the required hardware.

Purchasing Individual Part (Not a Complete Foil Kit) - If purchasing an individual mast – you will need to buy a mast top plate. Hardware connecting the mast plate to the mast will be included.


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