Padded Foil Kit Case

A fully padded bag for all of your foiling needs.
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bag 2.2
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bag 2.4
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bag 2.9
bag 2.8
bag 2.7
bag 2.10

Every foil kit comes complete with this extra padded gem. A levitating locker neatly labeled to have an organized day on the lake. Pockets for multiple masts, fuselages and your favorite wing, stabilizer, hardware kit, etc. Don’t want to bring this backpack of delight in your boat? No problem we have removable front and rear wing protective covers included with every wing and stabilizer.

+ Heavy duty padded cover

+ 600d Water resistant inside poly canvas

+ Individually labeled pockets inside for each foil part

+ Outside board straps

+ Buckle system made to attach to the padded foil board bag (board bag sold separately)

+ Two carrying options - Handle, hidden backpack straps