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After several years as a young grommet ripping around skate parks, Trent was introduced to the iconic cable wake park OWC. At just 8 years old the Orlando native became enamored with park riding and has now spent a decade on a wakeboard and has ridden countless grass roots events. Trent closed out 2021 wining both the pro men features and traditional formats at the WWA U.S. Wakepark Nationals and for the WWA Wake Park Worlds Wins Traditional and gets a podium in Features. Trent also won the 2021 Wakeboard Magazine Trick Of The Year with a double KGB. Trent opened 2022 dropping his self directed, self edited movie “Sincerely, Trent” which is stacked with NBDs and pushed park riding to a new level. Trent also took his riding outside of the U.S. in 2022 winning the Langenfeld Open in Germany, and the Red Bull Wake Duel in Lithuania. Trent also found podiums at the WWA Wake Park Worlds in London and the Red Bull Wake the City in Italy as well as again winning both Features and Traditional at the WWA U.S. Wake Park Nationals. Trent is passionate and driven. If you’re not following him you’re missing out on where wake park is headed. 

Check his YouTube to watch his banger filled movie “Sincerely, Trent.”

Trent Stuckey

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