Speed Shadow Carbon Front Wing - 1330CM2

A front wing that will turn sharper, respond quicker, and travel with more down the line speed.
speed 1330 top
speed 1330 top
speed 1330 BOTTOM
speed 1330 INSET 8
speed 1330 INSET 6
speed 1330 INSET 2
speed 1330 INSET 3
speed 1330 INSET 1
speed 1330 INSET 7
speed 1330 INSET 5
speed 1330 INSET 4

Rapidity of motion, to be strong, to be lively. Unparalleled drive – this series was created for riders with a foiling background looking for top line speed and greater pumping efficiency. You will instantly notice the increased response and the output it provides. Not only can you pump easier with the Speed edition – each push generates significantly more energy. New for this year we are introducing a new phrase to our Speed Wing – low stall speed. Typically, fast wings are high maintenance and need a lot of attention – and once they don’t have it - they will fade out and the rider’s momentum is gone. We added a concave running through the bottom of the front wing – and this drastically helps keep momentum even at slower speeds or in flat water conditions. A striking hydrodynamic design created to amplify your path of 4th wave adventures.

           O2 INFUSION

This is where it all starts. The personality of your levitating experience. A proper flight begins and ends with a front wing set to your cadence and velocity. Before we tell you about our collection of products, let’s understand the science behind Aspect Ratios (a division of the chord width by the wingspan). Here’s a look at how our feathered friends have evolved their wings and how we mimic their world of aquatic flight.



A longer wingspan with a narrower depth outline allows flight over long distances without as much flapping. – Basis of Speed.

As speed increases, wingspans expand, get narrower, flatter, and more streamlined at the end.


A medium wingspan with a deeper depth outline allows it to soar with reliability, while the elliptical outline creates a quicker reacting turn. – Basis of Balance

As stability increases wingspans shorten, get wider, more elliptical, and curl up at the end.

With years in the making, we proudly present the mid aspect BALANCE series and our higher aspect SPEED series line of wings. We wanted to have 2 models depicting these opposing styles. Names that live up to their action – with either a more consistent or a faster flight pattern.

Where high end dreams become reality. The most complex spread toe carbon laminates layered with a pre cured resin each with a very specific degree of angle to achieve the best in strength, reactiveness, weight reduction, and vertical and torsional stiffness. The Shadow – mimicking your every movement with premier materials and processes.

- Riding with a powerful hydrodynamic authority displacing water with greater efficiency

- All aspects of your flight just became, lighter, more reactive, and faster

Wings made by air. You can’t have the cleanest ride without having the cleanest technology. We make our wings using ice and air. Ronix proudly presents a manufacturing process usually reserved for F1 wings. A lighter, more responsive environmentally friendly way of molding parts without any unused resin. The carbon laminates go in “dry” and just the right amount of frozen epoxy is then infused into the fibers. Then, each product is put into an air chamber where the PSI is turned up to a level that no deep-sea diver has witnessed. Through the 2-hour formation every finite portion of the product molds equally because of the evenly dispersed pressurized oxygen. There is no crease or flash line – just a perfectly altered part without any stress points. The result is the thinnest, purest profile available. When you take that first cutback you will instantly feel the difference.

- The most precision molded manufacturing

- Cleanest water exit in foiling

- Lighter construction using prepreg resins

Size Chart






Speed 1330 84 17.6 4.8:1
Speed 1530  90  18.7 4.8:1
Balance 1300 76 18.5 4.2:1
Balance 1600 84 20.5 4.4:1